Vision & Eye Health Evaluations

When you come in for your Vision & Eye Health Evaluation you may notice that we do things a little differently. When our Certified Optometric Assistants take you through your pretesting, they will ask you questions regarding your lifestyle, health, and about how you use your eyes; we won’t ask you to fill out any paperwork, as we record everything electronically. We will guide you through several tests that will evaluate your vision and assess your eye health.

Throughout this process you will never feel confused, as we will educate you about what we are doing and why we are doing it. The doctor you see will be accompanied by a personal assistant. The assistant is there to take all of the doctor’s notes, not only so the doctor can focus solely on you, but also giving you time to ask questions. When your Vision & Eye Health Evaluation is completed, it is our hope that you feel truly cared for and that you have a better understanding of your vision and eye health.

Optometric Services

See the difference!

Enhancements to your Vision & Eye Health Evaluation may include:

An Optomap Retinal Scan. The Optomap is like no other technology found locally. This scan allows both you and the doctor to see over 80% of the back of the eye. These scans are kept as part of our patients’ records so that we can compare changes in eye health over time. In many cases, because of our advanced technology, having the Optomap Retinal Scan at your Vision & Eye Health Evaluation means that you will not need to have dilation drops as often.

image of optomap-comparisons

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