Spectacle Lenses


With so many options out there, choosing the right lens design can be confusing. At the Peterborough Optometric Centre, we’ll walk you through your lens options. The first thing we’ll look at is your lens prescription—do you need single vision or multifocals? Then we’ll consider how you’ll use your glasses during a typical day—do you stare at a computer screen, drive at night, or stay physically active? Would you benefit from a thinner, lighter lens material, an anti-reflective treatment or photochromic lenses? Together, we’ll customize your lenses to suit your lifestyle.

Single vision

If you only struggle with your sight in the distance or close-up, you would benefit from single-vision lenses.  They are one power across the lens and are the most common type of prescription lens.

Single-vision glasses

Bifocals and Trifocals

Bifocal and Trifocal lenses are sectioned into two or three distinct parts separated by a line.
In a bifocal the user has clear distance viewing through the top and clear reading in the bottom.  In a trifocal, the user has an extra section in between for intermediate viewing. These lines help you to know where to look.

Bifocal lenses


If a patient requires correction for more than one field of vision, we recommend progressive lenses. Progressive lenses allow the eye to transition smoothly between distance viewing and near. Our lens partners, Essilor (www.essilor.ca) and Hoya (www.hoya.ca) provide the latest advancements in progressive lens technology, offering both high resolution vision and easy adaptation.

image of man checking spectacles

Task Specific Lenses

We provide a new range of task specific lenses allowing you to fully enjoy your digital activities. These lenses are designed to fulfill your individual needs in near and intermediate vision.  Technological devices can actually determine screen distance to give you the best possible vision.


There are many treatments and materials available to suit each patients’ needs:

  • Antiglare to reduce glare and reflection when driving at night, computer screens and fluorescent lighting.
  • Photochromic lenses are for those wanting their lenses to lighten and darken as needed, providing them with 100% UV protection at all times.
  • Hi index for those with higher prescriptions who desire a thinner lens
  • For individuals who play sports and are finding fogging of lenses bothersome, we offer Optifog
  • Polarized lenses selectively filter light off flat surfaces, perfect for driving and watersports.
  • Safety impact-resistant lenses such as Polycarbonate or Trivex


The Peterborough Optometric Centre is proud to offer cutting-edge digital dispensing technology through Essilor’s and Hoya’s Optikam. The instruments deliver accurate, precise and consistent spectacle measurements and allow us to customize your lenses like never before.  You are guaranteed to love your lenses!

image of diagnostic appointment

Diagnostic image