Our Philosophy


Your eyes are a gift.  Your sight is precious.
What would it be like if someone really listened to you?
What if all your questions were answered?
What if you knew that all your problems were addressed and you were confident that you knew what to do?
Wouldn’t it be exceptional if there were people who really cared and if there was a place like this?

We have 3 full time Doctors of Optometry.

Peterborough Optometric Doctors

We have 20 Certified (Canadian Association of Optometrists) Optometric Assistants, more than any other Optometry clinic in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

We care and are ready to listen and to understand you.  We will respond sincerely and truthfully.  We have your answers.

We offer you a calm, friendly, unrushed environment.  We promise to greet you with a smile.  We love our job and we truly like working with you.

image of eye-evaluation

We offer an exceptional Vision and Eye Health Evaluation, and you will notice the difference from the moment you arrive…ultra personalized care.

You will be seen on time.

We do your paperwork!

Every healthcare practitioner requires information about you, but we don’t ask you to fill out all those forms. Instead, we prefer to listen to you. We will personally interview you and record your information for you.

You will experience advanced technology that is unique to our office. All your testing will be explained to you and all your questions will be answered thoroughly.

The doctors don’t do paperwork here either!

Every doctor has a personal assistant who records the results of your appointment. This gives the doctor the freedom to maintain eye contact with you, connection with you, and really listen to you.  There will also be more time to answer your questions and give you the attention you deserve.

When your Vision and Eye Health Evaluation is completed, you will know more about your eyes than ever before and all your questions will be answered.

We even have dedicated (TLC) days where we schedule extra time with the doctor for those who require it.  Our most senior patients deserve and greatly benefit from these days.  No one else offers TLC days like we do.

Like Family Members, We Care about our Patients Everywhere and All of the Time.

We offer Vision and Eye Health Evaluations 6 days (including Saturdays) and 2 evenings per week.

We’re available to our patients for emergency care. We have dedicated emergency appointment in our schedule every day in case the unexpected happens.

Our patients even have special access to our 24-hour doctor hotline if you have an urgent eye health emergency, question or concern after hours.

We do house calls! We can arrange appointments with one of our doctors at a Nursing Home, hospital or in your own home if needed.

We Listen and Care with our Contact Lens Treatment, our Optical Lab and our Gallery too!

Our doctors can professionally prescribe the best contact lens option for you.  There are options for almost everyone.  If you’ve been told you’re not a contact lens candidate, see us.  You may be surprised with all the new options the doctors can prescribe. We also offer a Guaranteed Contact Lens Fit.

We have two full time staff members in our lab who make your glasses on site and are ready to assist with all your adjustment and repair needs.  Minor adjustments and repairs are free for the life your glasses purchased here.  Also, we offer lifetime free eyeglass cleaner refills with your purchase.  With two full time certified staff members, you wait less and are treated better.

Friendly-Gallery staff

Our Gallery staff is ready to explain the lenses that the doctor prescribes and to give you valuable advice on your frame selection. At least one Certified Optometric Assistant in our Gallery is dedicated to each doctor.  They listen and understand what the doctor has prescribed and you will receive personalized care. There are many lens combinations and it can be complicated.  All lenses are not the same. Quality matters.  Your frame quality and fit is important too. Who wants uncomfortable glasses that easily break? We fit your new lenses and frames with the most accurate equipment (see Optikam discussion in our technology section).  Satisfaction is not enough.  We guarantee you will be thrilled with your glasses!

Speaking of guarantee, we offer a Three Year Eyeglass Warranty, the longest warranty in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.


We now offer Eyeglass Delivery!

Yes, we can even personally, professionally deliver and adjust your new glasses to you at your home or work.

When you are a patient here, you are part of our family.  Our family members mean a great deal to us.

Our Family members receive more:

  • Ultra personalized care
  • TLC patient days
  • Saturday and Evening Appointments
  • Emergency Appointments
  • 24-hour Doctor Hotline
  • Home Visits
  • Guaranteed Contact Fits
  • Lifetime eyeglass adjustments, minor repairs and glass cleaner refills
  • Professional Lens and Frames Selections utilizing State of the Art Equipment and Products
  • 3-Year Eyeglass Warranty
  • Home and Office Professional Eyeglass Fitting and Delivery

Lastly, we accept new patients. If you refer a friend or a loved one, we are going to treat them with same conviction and energy.

We promise to care, listen and give answers.